End-of-Life Services

Seneca Trail Animal Hospital is always here for you from the moment we first meet your pet to the moment it is time to say goodbye.

End-of-Life Veterinary Services

We know how hard it is to make this decision, and our understanding staff is here to support and guide you and your family through such a difficult time.

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End-of-Life Services

Nothing compares to the love you share with a dear pet. Therefore, both of you deserve a way to commemorate and celebrate this extraordinary bond when this furry companion passes.

The connections we make with our pets, who remain a physical and emotional constant in our lives through all their ups and downs, are incredibly powerful and validating. The loss of a pet impacts everyone differently. In truth, the loss of a pet is often more painful than the loss of a person. We value pet relationships whether month-long or decadesbecause they tend to be intensely honest, reliable, and deep. The intimacy is so close that it tends to surpass our relationships with most people. Just consider how often we touch our pets’ bodies in a single day…

Yet, we often hear that friends, family members, or colleagues don’t quite understand the upset that losing a pet can bring, and grieving for a pet can be a very lonely experience. It helps to share these feelings with someone who you’re sure knows from personal experience how distressing pet loss can be and who will listen with empathy, compassion, and without judgment. The last thing you want is to interact with someone who dismisses your grief. It is especially risky when disclosing the loss in a workplace.

You may struggle to find words to express your thoughts and emotions at the time of death, or you feel self-conscious or shaken about the depth of your despair. Furthermore, a new loss often reminds us of previous ones, and the resulting cascade of feelings and sensations can be surprising and overwhelming. Be gentle and patient with yourself. You deserve the space to grieve freely and to go through it at your natural pace.

We offer private and communal cremation services through Mountain View Pet Crematory, with transportation of the deceased within 24 hours. Please call Elizabeth at (304) 469-3535 to make prearrangements. They have a beautiful selection of urns and paw print plaques you can easily view on their website.

We provide a complimentary clay paw print impression as a gesture of condolences from our family to yours. We will always do everything we can to support and honor the special bond between you and your pet. If you have any questions regarding our end-of-life services, please do not hesitate to call.